Recreation and the creative Muslimah

  • Faiza Muhammad Din Institute for Asian and African studies Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Keywords: recreation, Seerat un nabi, Muslimah, creative.


In the last five years, the number of female entrepreneurs in Pakistan increased by 200 percent and literacy and employment rate amongst women has risen too. Many of these professional women are seeking simultaneously to learn about Islam and their obligations as Muslims and the rights that Islam has endowed them. Therefore, many females have initiated tourism, hospitality, and event management initiatives that cater to educated urban Muslims' aesthetics. In this paper, I will be sharing the results of interviews and research I conducted on the recreational initiatives of Muslim women catering to the needs of fellow sisters in Islam. The travel bloggers from Indonesia who review female mosque areas, Instagrammers from the UK who normalize a niqabi lifestyle while capturing beautiful picnics, and Pakistani women who promote travelling into beautiful areas of Pakistan in female and family-friendly ways are a few prominent examples. These professional women are aware of the needs of their fellow sisters and make halal ways of recreation their business motto. This article will provide real-life instances of how believers can find a balance as they strive to find a balance as ummat-e-wasat.