Women's empowerment: Things that matters a lot to get to the top

  • Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja, waqas ali haider PhD (Leadership and Management), UCL Institute of Education University of London
Keywords: Women career progression, work-family interface, women empowerment,


This study plans to examine the experiences of female working in the higher education sector in order to develop an understanding of why there is a comparatively dearth of senior women in leadership positions in the universities of Pakistan. The Pakistani society is highly patriarchal. The working women have to manage home obligations as well.   the main purpose of the study was to sought out   Is work-family interface a barrier to women‘s career progression to the top management. This paper takes a qualitative approach. A series of in-depth semi-structured interviews were carried out with 48 female working in junior, middle and senior management positions, in addition to a focus group discussion. The data collected forms a basis for understanding the different factors which women themselves contribute and counter the pressures that result from social practices in the local cultural and social settings. The findings presented here offer a new framework for understanding the factors influencing women’s career development in management positions with particular reference to the absence of work family interface.