The Psychological benefits on women health from physical activities: Constraints and opportunities (In the perspective of Seerat un Nabī)

Keywords: Women, psychology, physical activities, mental health, recreation.


Recreation and leisure specify both the freedom and liberty to do something and it is a feature of life that must be provided both men and women equal opportunities and resources to spend their leisure time by doing desire activities of their choice. For women, sometimes recreation becomes difficult due to the multiple responsibilities and insufficient sources of access to different spheres of recreation along with other social and economic constraints. It is noted as participation in extracurricular activities has significant benefits including physical and psychological well-being. There is a considerable relationship between the well-being of mental and physical health. Although Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW highlighted the importance of one's health either physical or emotional. Several examples from the life of the Holy Prophet SAW possess the person’s passive and active involvement in activities that are not prohibited in Islam. For both gender male and female, good mental health means happiness and leisure satisfaction had great effects on their psychological wellbeing, with increasing life satisfaction and decreasing stress. Each woman experiences  leisure activities based on the difference of race, cultural values, social status, and resources. However, there exist a numerous barriers which constraints women from participating in the physical activities. The purpose of this study is to emphasize the importance of women participation in recreational activities which have a great impact on their self-satisfaction and helps to increase the positivity in thoughts and also reducing the stress and anxiety sometimes caused by the environment and similar lifestyle. A descriptive and analytical methodology and approaches have been adopted in the context of Holy Prophet’s SAW teachings to clarify the benefits of women recreation for the betterment of their physical health.