Causes and Consequences of Child Marriages: A Pakistani Perspective

  • Aatir Rizvi H. Imran Ahmed Qureshi International Relations-PU
Keywords: Child marriages; Pakistan; Custom; Child rights.


Previous few decades have witnessed numerous articles and books on child marriages. In Pakistani society, where this practice is followed especially in rural and backward areas and state machinery, despite all the efforts and laws to stop this practice, has not succeeded yet. There have been many reasons and causes for the same and once a child is given into marriage, it creates lot of issues ranging from psychological to physical, mental to legal and social to health-related ones. As in Islamic law such marriages are permitted, whereas, international and local rules forbid or at-least tend to stop the practice, so this divergent position also tends to create an issue in the minds of illiterate people. This article tends to provide a brief overview of the customs, practices, causes as well as, Islamic law on the point with law prevailing in Pakistan. Further, it will jog down consequences which emerge due to child marriages and in the end provide some recommendations to all the stake holders, whether those be government, parents or the society at large, so that the practice of child marriages be stopped for the betterment and future of such children.